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Haze Wheels • wheels

Haze Wheels • wheels

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Meet the founder behind Haze Wheels, Bertrand Soubrier:

I’m born and raised in Paris, I’ve lived here my entire life. I think I got my first pro-model in early 2000, some wheels from Tikal. Then I skated for some brands, like Cliche (I was in their flow team for a while), DC Shoes for 7 or 8 years, Converse in early 2000, Mekanism Skateboards, Tikal Wheels co, Square Wheels, V7 Distribution, Eastpak, Creme Skateboards (I got some pro-model with them), Follow Skateboards where I got last year a veteran pro-model etc. Now I skate for the Parisian skate shop Nozbone and the french distributor of Lakai gives me some shoes.

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